The Branchpoint Chronicles

Branchpoint Chronicles Book 1: Magic’s Fire

Magics Fire by J.M.Wolfe

The Tale Begins: Pel Ravenstock is a young hunter whose life revolves around his friends and family, and his uncanny skill with a bow. That is, until he is tracked down by the mysterious sorcerer, Obrezon, leader of the reptilian Sklath. Obrezon warns of a catastrophe that will devour the entire world. A disaster that cannot be averted without Pel’s help. But this requires a trip to the bottom of the Rift, a vast canyon of unknown depth and the source of the deadly wild magic.

Pel refuses. His clubfoot and vertigo make the idea ridiculous. Besides, he is just a hunter! But strange events soon force him to change his mind. And now three races — humans, sklath, and the bear-like brogolit — must cast aside ancient enmities and send an expedition into the Rift to confront the unknown threat. A deadly clock is ticking. But none guess the astounding truths that await in the Rift nor that Pel himself might be the greatest threat of all…

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